Pray. Give. GO! Belize Mission 2023

First Baptist Church has been prayerfully and financially supporting local, national and international missions for many years, obeying Jesus' command in Matthew 28:18-20 to "Go and make disciples of all nations..." As we have prayed and given for others to go, the time is now here for FBC to GO!

For the past few months, FBC has been developing a team of "senders" (those who are committed to supporting and mobilizing the team from the local standpoint) and "travelers" (those committed to supporting the team and traveling to Belize) who are preparing to partner with a team from Redding, CA and Praying Pelican Missions to serve the Full Gospel Church of God in Benque, Belize, April 8-14, 2023.

We invite YOU to be a part of what the Lord is doing and be a "sender" by supporting the Belize mission through your prayers, finances and talents/resources. Please pray for the requests below and if you would like to donate financially, you can click the button above. You may contact an individual traveler or Lori Holst at or (530) 859-0449 for more information. Stay tuned here on this website for updates and prayer requests as the team prepares to GO--All glory to God!

April 2023

The following prayer requests are from the Prayer Bookmark given to the congregation at First Baptist Church of Mount Shasta:
- Team members Nathan, Trilli and Adelaine Carter, Dan Groom, Leslie Cutler, Jenny Weed, Samuel Stocking, David and Lori Holst would be in unity with each other and the Redding team; serve with humble, flexible, bold attitudes; have good health, physical protection; not be limited by language barriers; be led by the Holy Spirit in all details.
- Team members would wisely and sensitively assist Pastor Saul and Guadalupe, Kebin and Ani and the Full Gospel Church of God in Benque, Belize, encouraging them to continue serving their community and making disciples in the name of Jesus.
- The 9 teenagers on the US team would humbly serve alongside and make lasting relationships with the youth from Benque as they work together to reach the community with the Gospel.
- The mission projects of VBS for 80 kids, Trilli’s ukele lessons, Bible resource tablets, medical, building and home visitation would be bridges to the Gospel for all.
As the team members return, they would boldly share their experiences and many would be encouraged to go and make disciples locally and globally..

Belize Mission Trip 2023 Schedule:
Fri. April 7—Team travels to Oakland, CA. Team will share testimonies, practice songs and Spanish phrases, etc. in the cars.
Sat. April 8—Team travels to Benque, Belize. Pray for team to have boldness to share the love of Jesus and the gospel with seatmates on the flights.
Sun. April 9—Team participates in morning Sunday school for kids and adults and evening service. Pray for boldness, humility and to be led by the Holy Spirit.
Mon. April 10—Home visitation, VBS, building projects; evening youth sports night with testimonies. Pray for open hearts to the Gospel.
Tue. April 11—Visitation, VBS, building; evening talks for medical, youth, marriages. Pray for openness to applying God’s Word.
Wed. April 12—Medical, VBS, building, evangelism; evening testimonies, church
prayer farewell. Pray for lasting relationships between the Belize and US teams.
Thurs. April 13—Pray for the bus travel back to Belize City and for quality debriefing time on the island of Caye Caulker.
Fri. April 14—Travel back to Oakland, CA. Pray for many conversations led by the Holy Spirit with airplane seatmates.
Sat. April 15—Travel back to Mt. Shasta. Pray for debriefing conversations and planning for the Belize presentation on April 23, 2023.

March 2023

The Belize team is busy preparing personal testimonies, planning for Vacation Bible School responsibilities, gathering children's Bibles and new/gently used donations for the youth store, and beginning to plan for packing. We will be presenting the Moment for Mission at First Baptist on March 19th, be commissioned on April 2nd and invite all to our Pack and Pray on April 6th at 7:00pm. The team will depart on April 7th and return April 15th. Please contact an individual team member for more specifics!

Please pray:
- God will prepare open and receptive hearts in Belize to receive the truth of the Gospel over any other religious practices.
- The Holy Spirit will guide all aspects of the trip and each team member as they humbly trust God to work in and through them to bring about His plans.
- The First Baptist Church and support team members will build vision for missions and be workers in God's harvest by making disciples.

February 2023

The Belize Mission Team 2023 is busy developing their individual prayer and financial support teams. We are in the process of determining mission project particulars, meeting financial goals to support the projects and learning some Spanish songs and phrases. Our mission projects will be Vacation Bible school, food distribution/home visitation, construction of a bathroom for the pastor's family, outreach, youth and marriage seminars and medical advice.

Please Pray:
- For boldness to share our faith and the gospel with those we come in contact with as we prepare for the trip.
- For completion of paperwork needed for Praying Pelican profiles and travel details
- For each team member to be placed in the projects that will best use their gifts and talents
- For building lasting friendships/connections with the Redding team and the Belize church that the Body of Christ would be strengthened

January 2023

- Please pray for the 9 FBC mission team travelers that in the midst of preparing details, they would have humble hearts and would step out in faith as they trust God for spiritual preparation and financial provision.

- Please pray for the FBC congregation and support teams to develop a heart to serve local, national and international missions as they pray and support the Belize mission team.

- Please pray that Pastor Saul, Kebin and Ani Rosa and the Full Gospel Church of God in Benque, Belize would be inspired and encouraged to continue serving their community and making disciples in the name of Jesus.

Belize 2023 Travelers

Adelaine Carter
Adelaine Carter
Nathan Carter
Nathan Carter
Trillium Carter
Trillium Carter
Leslie Cutler
Leslie Cutler
Dan Groom
Dan Groom
David Holst
David Holst
Lori Holst
Lori Holst
Samuel Stocking
Samuel Stocking
Jennifer (Jenny) Weed
Jennifer (Jenny) Weed

Belize Mission 2022

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