About Us

About First Baptist Church Mt. Shasta

We're so glad you're here! Here at First Baptist we are all about embracing people where they are and trusting God to take us where we need to go...

“Embracing PEOPLE where they are… Trusting GOD to take us where we need to go"
- Our Purpose Statement:

What We Believe

​Core Values We Promote


We passionately share the gospel! We believe every believer should be involved in sharing their faith. We believe the church should provide the training and resources needed to equip every believer with the knowledge and skills to adequately and naturally share their faith with individuals whom they have relationships with.


We seek intimacy with God! Worship is as vital to Christian growth as air is to one’s lungs. We are committed to a weekly corporate worship experience that draws us as a body of believers into the presence of God and causes us to respond to his calling on our lives. We also encourage daily personal worship through each believer’s Quiet Time with God.


We strengthen each other through caring relationships! A small group Bible Study is the ideal way to grow in our relationships and remain accountable to each other in our fellowship. We expect each member to get involved in a small group that cares for each other.


We equip each other to practice the faith! Each believer is challenged to allow the Holy Spirit to cultivate an ever deeper walk with the Lord. The steps of this process are carried out primarily through classes and workshops to help each of us discover our spiritual gifts and use them in ministry. We believe the Bible is without error and is the true & literal revelation of God to us as believers. We hold to the “Baptist Faith and Message” as a standard of Biblical teachings.


We share the Good News with the whole world! We believe every believer should be involved in the support of missions through their regular giving of tithes & offerings. We also believe that all believers should be open to God leading them to be involved directly in missions - either in short term projects or possibly in a life-calling vocation.

Our Staff

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Brandon Turk

Senior Pastor

Alastair Curley

Associate Pastor

Chase Kamla

Youth Ministry Director

Veronica McKinnon

Preschool Director

Chris Adlard

Church Secretary

Dane Nichols

Music Director

Mike Aug