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*** As of now FBC will not have Preschool available beginning Fall 2022***

We are here to provide a safe and secure Christian environment in which preschoolers can be cared for and taught. We provide parents with time away from their children and give them peace of mind knowing their child is receiving the best care. We strive to obtain high standards with a Christian

Some of the activities we enjoy at FBC Preschool are: Community Helpers Visit, Thanksgiving Feast, Pajama Day, Pet Day Christmas Program and Parties, Valentine’s Party, Guest Story Tellers, Easter egg Hunt, Mother’s Day Tea, and our End of the Year Program.

For 3 year olds: In our curriculum for 3 year olds, we work on learning shapes, colors and numbers. We introduce letters, however, we do not focus on writing them. Pre-writing skills are worked on and activities that help to develop fine motor skills are incorporated into the daily activities.

Socialization is a major focus in the 3 year old class. Games and activities that are geared around developing large motor skills are used throughout the year. Routine is very important at this age as well, so, a schedule is followed for each day. All of the activities we engage in are designed to be FUN and age appropriate.

For 4-5 years: There is quite a big change in curriculum from the threes to the four and five year curriculum. While children do learn so much from this year, the curriculum is designed to be FUN and to make learning a wonderful experience. Through biblical-based lessons, preschoolers will be introduced to social studies, language arts, math, phonics, science, health and safety, arts and crafts, music, and physical education. The hands-on activities are perfect for little bodies, while concepts are reinforced through games, songs, poems, and drama to prepare your preschooler for kindergarten.

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*** As of now FBC will not have Preschool available beginning Fall 2022***

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